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Birthday Cake

Homemade sponge cake with sugar cookies, sprinkles, with a sweet cream base

Black Sesame

Toasted black sesame seeds with black sesame paste and powder combine to create the ultimate sesame experience (Gluten Free)

Brown Sugar Boba Tea

We steep our ice cream base in Assam black tea for 48 hours and fold into delicious brown sugar infused boba bites through out the ice cream.

Cereal Killer

Fruity pebbles cereal with a creamy vanilla base (Gluten Free)

Chocolate Brownie Batter

Housemade brownie bites with Dutch cocoa powder ice cream

Cinnamon Bun

Housemade brownie bites with Dutch cocoa powder ice cream

Coconut Pandan Tres Leches

Pandan flavored ice cream with tender young coconut meat and amazing tres leches cake sourced from a local Mexican bakery.

Cookie Butter

Crushed lotus cookies with ribbons of cookie butter

About Us

We specialize in Asian inspired flavors. From our coffee and tea flavors that we brew for over 24 hours to innovative flavors such as black sesame, ube, pandan, and durian we strive to bring high quality flavors that you cannot find anywhere else in DFW.

Our Happy Customers

“I visited this ice cream shop and it was awesome! The staff was super friendly and helped me choose the perfect flavor. They had tons of options, from classic chocolate to unique flavors like lavender honey and bourbon pecan. I tried a combo and it was the best ice cream I've had in a long time. Highly recommend checking it out if you want a sweet treat!”
- Ngoc T
“Asian owned ice cream shop with great interesting interpretation of flavors. The Viet coffee is my favorite so far. Their version of cookies and cream is Cookie Monster in blue. The kids loved it. Black sesame is unique and difficult to find anywhere else in DFW. Check it out!”
- Ian J
“First time here and I was impressed! The shop open at 2, but my family was there around 1:30pm. However, the owner still happily opened the door and served us early. I ordered eggtard bubble waffle, which was so soft and tasty. My family members got ice cream and they said it was great. I will be back to try more!”
- My N

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Indulge your ice cream cravings

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